Do you prefer self practice alone or practicing with others and why?

Posted by Danny Rhodehamel on

The first step of yoga is actually practicing yoga.  Do you prefer to practice alone or with others?

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  • I prefer to practice with others, as they can share their own experiences and offer advice. I enjoy companionship.

    Walt on
  • I prefer to do yoga alone. I can do it in my time line and not worry about others, if I need to stop, I can start later. It’s more relaxing doing it alone, I don’t feel the pressure of having to “do it better” than someone else in the room.

    Jeanie Klein on
  • I prefer to practice with others! I love the positive support of others and having an instructor to help me fine tune my technique. I also love watching the people who have been practicing for much longer than I have. It gives me something to strive for!

    Morgan on
  • I prefer alone. Im not very good and I look like a giraffe taking a drink when Im attempting yoga.

    jenn fike on
  • I prefer practicing at the studio with others.

    Cindy on

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