October - 25% of all proceeds will be donated to help street dogs

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We are excited to announce that for the entire month of October we will be donating 25% of our proceeds to Pariah Dog.  Pariah Dog helps and cares for the street dogs in Koh Samui, Thailand.  With only 3 volunteers that managed to spayed and neutered over 900 dogs in a 3 month time period.  That is almost 30 dogs a day.

We have worked with Pariah Dog for almost three years and have been able to help bring supplies like heart warm prevention and yes even a wheelchair for our friend Sweetie.  They need a ton of help as there are so many dogs roaming the street.

We also are sad to say that we lost one of our favorite dogs this last month.  Diffy was poisoned by one of the locals.  He was a great dog, but some of the locals do not care for the dogs and poisoning is unfortunately a common practice on the island.  It is another thing that Pariah Dog has to fight and help educate the people on the proper compassion to have for these dogs.


25% of all proceeds will be donated to help these dogs.

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