What is your favorite type of yoga and why?

Posted by Danny Rhodehamel on

There are so many different types of yoga.  Some traditional and some not so traditional.  Which one is your favorite and why?

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  • My favorite type of yoga or style of yoga right now is HoopYogini^TM. I have had a personal practice of this for about five years and it’s the first form of Yoga that I became certified in, so was the first I shared with others. I love the connection of Flow with breath. The muscle memory of connecting movement to breath has rippled out into othe areas of my life. I also love the use of a hula hoop as a prop for poses, posture, and meditation. Have more questions about it, check it out!

    Nicole Stevenson on
  • My favorite style of yoga is Ashtanga. I love the sequence. Each pose builds you up for the next pose in line. It is consistant and feels like home. Every time I practice Ashtanga I can recognize progress in my practice. It builds strength and increases flexibility unlike any other yoga practice I’ve done. A close second is Power Baptiste.

    Megan on

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