What is your idea of a total relaxed state?

Posted by Danny Rhodehamel on

Maybe it has only been seen in our imagination or maybe we have felt little glimpses of it.  Either way there is this idea of sitting in a complete and total relaxed state.  What is your idea on what this total state of relaxation is?

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  • I love the idea of total relaxed. Practicing yoga helps fulfill that position in relaxation you just cannot get anywhere else.

    Jerry Marquardt on
  • Total relaxation is your own inner peace. That moment where your mind, body, and spirit are one. You feel your breath & you are present. You are.

    Neela on
  • I would have to say meditation

    Lupe Torres on
  • My idea of total relaxation is the moments of letting go abd watching thoughts pass like clouds. Mediation brings me closer to this.

    Catie on
  • To me it’s the feeling that all is well and complete peace and total relaxation.

    Kathy Lane on

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