Why did you first start yoga?

Posted by Danny Rhodehamel on

Everyone has a story of the first day they did yoga.  Now is your chance to tell us your story.  Please comment below and let us know why you first started yoga.

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  • I started yoga for me some time for myself.

    donna porter on
  • I started yoga because I wanted to improve my flexibility and to strengthen my body.

    Jackie on
  • i started doing yoga to help myself deal with negative energy in a more positive way. yoga has helped me learn how to spread love and good vibes to everyone around me and be a healthier person.

    sonya on
  • I started yoga because I wanted to reach the healthy human being I used to see every time I would shut my eyes. Growing up with pcso syndrome and anorexia was tough. I started yoga about a year ago and now I feel so strong and invincible! I also love to take pictures in different shapes and pretend I’m foods and animals like a pretzel or a cat. It’s soo much fun being a yogi .

    Karli on
  • To increase relaxation, flexibility and health

    Shaylynne Loudoun on

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