Our Mission

Seven Wonders Imports Mission Statement – Give Every Day

I met my wife in Costa Rica back in 2011.  Since then we have traveled the world together connecting with artists from all around the world.  Taking small steps at a time we have made it our mission is to connect the world artist to you the customer.

It is our mission to stray from most business models and make "Giving" our ultimate objective as Seven Wonders.  We also believe in doing and encouraging others to do what you love.  We want to keep art alive and thriving in this world.  

We love traveling the world and have sat down and made friends with several artists of the world.  We provide these artists with the money to help continue what they love as well as provide for their families or community. 

Our next step is to bring back the art of the world and spread it to our customers.  We keep the spirit of giving close to heart as we keep our prices as low as possible.  Our ultimate goal is to make you the customer happy and satisfied with our products.

Our final step is to take proceeds from our sale and give back to both our local communities and the communities of the artists that supply us with our products.

We will stay true and honest with you our customer

If you would like to find out more or have a good story about giving please Contact Us